initial consultation

For a one-time, non-refundable fee of $250.00, any new prospective client can consult with us for up to two hours. Ideally, these appointments take place at the client’s home unless both parties agree to arrange an alternate location beforehand. The goal of this meeting is both an opportunity to interview each other and a chance to exchange information. We walk through your space(s) with you, discussing your needs and expectations for the areas under consideration.

For this meeting, please prepare to discuss your:

We’ll provide information about how we can help you realize your goals. This information will include suggestions for materials and color directions along with details about construction procedures and our design process. Material availability, applicable previous projects, and existing market conditions help us determine the potential costs involved.

To provide you with the best service, we try not to recommend any vendors and/or contractors until the project scope is better understood by everyone involved. This usually happens after the initial consult during the design kick-off meeting which follows signing the contract or shortly after. With your desired budget we can also assess the likelihood of the project scope’s success.

Please know that the initial consultation does not include:

This is a time for us to get to know each other, your style, and your space(s) so we can determine a direction for the project in collaboration with you.

next steps

If you hire us after your initial consultation, we’ll draw up a contract that aligns with your chosen service option, customized for your project. Shortly after your initial consultation, you’ll receive our design intake survey.

This survey is a crucial component of our process, helping us understand what you expect from us, for your space, your understanding of design, your knowledge of the materials available, and your dreams for your space(s). We ask all of our clients to fill this survey out completely and to the best of their ability, returning it to us to prepare for the design kick-off meeting that will follow. This is also a great time to make a note of any questions that have appeared since the initial consultation.

After we have mutually signed the contract, and you have completed the design intake survey, the next step will be the design kick-off meeting. At this meeting, we will discuss your survey, your project, and your needs. This kick-off is the first step in developing your design. While the survey results help us understand you and your project better, what excites us most is discovering your aspirations and dreams!

service options

We offer two levels of service for our clients:

  1. Hourly Design Consultation - We offer design consultation services at our standard hourly rate. Clients can opt for any or all of the services offered under the comprehensive design package with this option.
  2. Comprehensive Design Package - This is our full-service offering, where we typically work with our clients throughout the entirety of their project, from the conceptual design phase, through design development, material selection, and construction. The scale and scope of the project determine the amount of design time included in our comprehensive design package. We calculate the pricing for the package as a percentage of the total project cost.

A Note About Contractors - Should you need a contractor, we work with many highly skilled licensed general contractors and builders in the area. We can make recommendations, provide introductions, and work as a team with the selected contractor through construction. If you instead have a favorite contractor or builder, we are happy to coordinate with them. Since we specialize in the design aspect, we do not offer construction services or have contractors on staff. This allows you flexibility in who you work with for the construction of your project.