Part of a larger remodeling project, we designed this porch addition to continue the feeling of light and openness from the adjacent kitchen. The clients wanted space where they could spend time with their family, entertain, read, dine, and enjoy their beautiful backyard. Originally much smaller, we expanded the space to run the entire length of this half of the house.

This project continues a long-held tradition here in the South: painting a porch ceiling a light blue hue, also known as “haint” blue. Throughout the porch blue and green coordinate with similarly hued accents already present in the kitchen, helping to bring the feeling of the outside inside, including on the painted floorboards.

In to bring light into the screened porch and living spaces beyond, we installed skylights. We also installed ceiling fans to help keep the space breezy and cool. Access to the adjacent existing deck allows for an easy walk from the kitchen to the grill when needed.

Guests can now circulate through the porch and into the kitchen comfortably through French doors added to the dining room as part of the project.