More often than not we are fortunate enough to work with clients that have a real passion for the spaces we are designing. The client is a prolific artist, creating everything from amazing quilts, to multi-media art pieces, to jewelry. She knew from the start that she needed a space that would allow her to store all of her art supplies, and provide space for her, and a friend, to create their beautiful works of art.

Storage and usability were in mind as we designed the room to accommodate a variety of materials, supplies, and objects. We incorporated drawers throughout for storage of yarn, beads, paint, paper, and completed pieces of art while upper glass-fronted cabinets provide storage for folded fabrics. The clear glass allows the client to locate the materials she needs easily without having to hunt through endless cabinets. Pencil drawers, incorporated under the workspaces, create a space for smaller items like scissors, sewing supplies, pens, and pencils.

Under the corner window, we built a desk, allowing for natural light to shine through while working and helping with small, intricate tasks such as threading a sewing machine. The desk attaches to a built-in table resting on a support leg, continuing the workspace while also leaving room for collaborators and co-conspirators alike. Recessed lights in combination with a craftsman style pendant and under-cabinet lighting provide lots of light for detail work. We included an additional standing work area, with yet more storage, including a hanging rod to attach finished pieces to when needed.

Display shelves show off the client’s own art and pieces she has collected on her travels. There’s also an art wall with easily changed items. These structures create a space where visualization, layout, or display are within easy reach of the workspace.