This townhome bathroom originally had a fiberglass tub/shower enclosure, an oak vanity, and a cultured marble countertop. The look and functionally of the space became different even though the layout stayed the same. Now sun-washed and light-filled are the best ways to describe this master bath.

In this space, you could even imagine that you’re showering at the beach or in the forest. The green granite countertop, pebble shower floor, and soft gray-green shower wall tile bring the feeling of the outside in. New, large format floor tiles visually warm up the floor while natural stone accents bring color in throughout the bathroom. Stone and glass tile accent the simple wall tile layout, bringing in additional color and brightness.

We installed a larger, taller, dark-stained vanity to create a place for all the client’s bathroom supplies. The clear glass shower enclosure helps open everything up and allows the light from the existing skylight to wash over the bather. Before the shower curtain broke up space and made it feel much more closed in, now it feels larger, although the footprint largely did not change.