This master bathroom was originally large but not well laid out. A huge soaker tub and tub deck took up much of the space. There were double vanities but, placed outside of the bathroom, one vanity sat in full view of the rest of the house. A large room containing a toilet and bidet occupied more space while an under-sized shower made up the rest.

Our clients were looking for a more cohesive master bathroom that was warm, inviting, soothing, and restful, with a great amount of accessible space available. Now the bathroom is much more functional. We took the original space, removed all the walls, and changed the master bath’s layout entirely which both clients can now enjoy.

Double vanities with lots of storage, white marble-look quartz countertops, and warm bronze accents ground the space. A pocket door to the private toilet takes up less space while keeping the room spacious and comfortable. An open shower with level entry threshold and freestanding tub completes the bathroom’s amenities.

Running seamlessly from inside the shower to under the tub, a pebble floor creates a beautiful contrast with the shower’s white ceramic tile. Mosaic accents in the backsplash and shower walls add additional color. Soft blue walls embrace the entire room, tying it all together.